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"The advantages of three" manhole cover

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1 double anti-theft manhole cover itself from a variety of materials * through mixing, melting, moulding, lost the recycling value, and can not be broken, for cast iron manhole covers, the natural formation of "thief not steal" manhole cover. Used in public places, such as road, park, square, green, can be called "user be assured that peace of mind, pedestrians, thieves give up hope".

* the manhole cover can be installed double lock, easy to use, the use of flexible.

* the manhole cover can be installed automatically lock, no special key person can not open.

2 green with white trash and other industrial waste, elaborate collocation by engineers, through multi-channel process, not only eliminates the pollution, create value for society, for you I restored the pure blue sky.

3 to eliminate noise * unique physical properties of the resin with the residential quarters of the night to be quiet. The car made covers a jangle again also does not listen to.

4 long life * cover joined the anti aging antioxidants and UV absorber, relative iron manhole covers, no noise, no rust; relative Magnesite covers, it is not afraid of water; relative cement cover, it is cold and heat. Acid and alkali resistance, no slag. Service life of 30 years.

5 easy to use * can do it gently. Regular look-up table, dredging the cumbersome "effort", instantly become easier.

6 high quality and inexpensive * prices are lower than the cast iron manhole covers, glass steel manhole cover, high strength and low price, high quality and inexpensive called.

7 high strength * products by the state building materials testing center detection, light, medium, heavy in full compliance with the national construction industry standard CJ/121-2000 "regenerated resin composite material manhole cover".

8 according to sample processing customized.


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