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China covers industry is facing challenges and threats of hitherto unknown.

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China covers industry is facing challenges and threats of hitherto unknown, absolutely not alarmist. Look at the recent reports on China's soybean oil is controlled by trader international giant, bring the serious burden that is beneficial to the people's livelihood event related to government will not sit idly by, but who can imagine China municipal road manhole covers are also facing the same challenges, and foreign giants have the layout of 10 years. Below I introduce the overseas giant data.

First, the French Nowlin group (English name NORINCO):

Located in the center of Europe's NORINCO group founded in 1971. Over the past 30 years, it has been committed to the global infrastructure, provide ductile iron a lot of underground pipeline facilities entrance network solutions.

NORINCO group headquarters is located in Paris of france. In 1992, one of the most modern foundries - Europe Nuofeng, in Paris's Saint Cr é pin Ibouvillers is established. It has the most advanced technology and high automation equipment, the annual production capacity of ductile iron 100000 tons, it is a leader in the metallurgical industry, the industry's leading enterprises.

These years, the NORINCO group of companies began to expand from Western Europe, then the business expanded to North America, South america. In recent years, the group's business in Asia has also been a great development. Now NORINCO group has established the sales network in the global scope, also in Paris, Rome, Madrid, London, St Paul, Berlin, Singapore, Wuxi and other city established subsidiaries.

Http:// Wuxi French WFOE

Second, introduction of the German company Hydrotec

Hydrotec is a German professional manufacturer engaged in the drainage area, drainage system of casting products production and sales has been 40 years of history, market share increased to 14% in the European market.

Baoding Jixin metal products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996

As the Hydrotec branch in China, Baoding Jixin metal products Co., Ltd. is also Hydrotec in the world's largest suppliers, products are mainly sold to the European market. Company's existing assets of 17330000 yuan, covers an area of 120 acres, more than 600 employees...


Third Qingdao Damen foundry factory

Company profile

Company name: KK gate

Company address: in Japan, Yamaguchi Prefecture Hofu city with wave 1 - 6 - 10

Founding date: 1944 January

Capital gold: 67500000 yen

Logistics center: Japan Yamaguchi Prefecture anti shore crane House City

Office: Office Office Matsuyama, Kobe, Tokyo Office

Factory: Qingdao Damen Foundry Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1944, the Japanese cast gate.

1960 sales of all types of cast iron manhole cover products.

1977 sales of various pipe fittings.

The beginning of 1979 sales all kinds of precast concrete underground wells.

The 1995 Qingdao Damen Foundry Co. Ltd. was established.

1999 to the Chinese market sales of municipal engineering products.

2001 sales of hot dip galvanized iron well body.

Everyone in the Internet to see Japanese colour manhole is derived from this factory


I want to say is that we must be alert to the industry of international speculators to only unite ourselves but also can not guarantee that can beat them. The competition of intellectual property rights the weapon of western countries already have decades of precipitation.


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