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SMC Composite Material Manhole Cove (DR310)

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SMC Composite Material Manhole Cove (DR310) HEBEIREAGUAN INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.

About the Advantages: 
1, Environmental protection, non-toxicity raw material 
2, Longevity, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-abrasion, anti-Impact 
3, Ex anti-pressure capability, 10KN-500KN 
4, Competitive price: Cheaper than stipulated standard cast iron product 
5, Nice appearance, rich colors & cartoon design 
6, Anti-theft naturally (the iron product often be stolen) 
7, Low noise: Have no harsh noise 
8, One-time molded, durable 

1, Molded resin covers, composite materials SMC covers, composite material BMC covers, magnesium covers, resin covers, polymer covers, molded polymer covers, fiberglass covers, steel fiber covers, resin fiberglass covers, long glass fiber covers, composite covers, Coulee cover, security covers, turf covers, grass basin covers, green covers, rain covers, water covers, water wells down cover, drainage wells covers, natural water covers, thermal covers, inspection covers, covers communications, communications wells, municipal wells, covers telecommunications, Unicom covers, safety covers, fire wells, gas wells, Power covers, SMC covers, cartoon manhole covers, comic manhole covers 
2, water grates, trench cover, tree pool cover, retaining the tree board, ditch cover, water meter covers, valve covers, water meter box, hand hole covers telecommunications, electricity manhole covers and other hand-hole cover 
3, Electric power pipeline well; Telecommunication communication pipeline well, Street lamp well, fire control well, all kinds of valve wells; , City water, drainage pipe well, heat supplied, gas well 
4, Round SMC Manhole Cover&Circle BMC manhole covers&resin fiberglass covers&Molded resin covers&molded polymer cover&water grate 
5, Trench covers, manhole sets, well base, the water company covers, midori composite trench covers 
Easy to handle, cost effective, non conductive, non skid finish, extremely long life, fire retardant, safe, zero scrap value, strong&durable, available in custom width, safe, embossing option available,


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